AI and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Future

AI and Emerging Technologies for Sustainable Future

This program aims to conduct research, development, and education on emerging technologies such as data science, machine learning, cybersecurity, blockchain, augmented reality, and artificial intelligence to generate knowledge, innovate, support, and catalyze sustainable development. Our research focuses on user modeling, causal modeling, and human-computer interaction. We also provide software development support such as creating data visualization tools and data dashboards, and building apps, games, and learning platforms. The group conducts educational and enrichment activities and public discourse on technology and ethics, the democratization of AI, and sustainable futurism.




Asheshwor Man Shrestha, Research Fellow

Ashim Babu Shrestha, Visiting Fellow

Bisheshank C. Aryal, Intern

Dovan Rai, Research Fellow

Saurav Dhungana, Visiting Fellow

Shirish Maharjan, Research Associate

Uttam Babu Shrestha, Research Fellow



We are building an online learning community to share resources, brainstorm, discuss, & organize various educational and research activities.

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Webinars & Reading Sessions


We are running webinar series and reading sessions with our guest speakers talking about diverse aspects of emerging technologies. Along with introductions to the state-of-the-art technologies, we will also bring holistic discussions on the applications and impact of these technologies, and how we can understand, assess, and create technologies for our collective sustainable future.

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  • Novel Statistical Methods to Support Medical Decision Making, Prof. Samrachana Adhikari (FB Live)
  • Deep Generative Models: Promises and Dangers, Dr. Danda Pani Paudel (FB Live)
  • Development of smart boulders to monitor mass movements via the Internet of Things: a step towards a cost-effective early warning system, Dr. Benedetta Dini (FB Live)
  • Machine Learning and Bias, Shreyasha Paudel (FB Live)
  • AI and Health, Dr. Selam Ahderom (FB Live)
  • AI and Robotics in Production Agriculture: Global Perspective & Local Context, Prof. Manoj Karkee (Youtube)
  • Intelligence, Artificial & Natural, for a Sustainable Future, Prof. Bertram C. Bruce (FB Live)

  • Data Feminism, Shreyasha Paudel (Slides)
  • Theoretical Impediments to Machine Learning With Seven Sparks from the Causal Revolution , Dr. Dovan Rai (Slides)
  • "Everyone wants to do the model work, not the data work": Data Cascades in High-Stakes AI, Saurav Dhungana (Slides)




Nature's Contributions to People, A multimedia Learning Package

This project aims to produce multimedia digital learning packages on ‘Nature and Nature’s Contribution to People (NCP)’ for the young audience with an age range from 11-15 years. The learning package will include five learning videos, interactive lessons and interactive activities. The goal of this project is to generate curiosity and interest among young learners in nature and sustainability providing immersive experiences.

This project is funded by Intergovernmental Science-Policy Platform on Biodiversity and Ecosystem Service (IPBES), an intergovernmental organization established to synthesize knowledge on biodiversity and ecosystem services relevant to policy.