Analysis of vulnerability and marginalization risks in Nepal

This study will provide a comprehensive assessment of multi-hazard risks, including the COVID-19, quantify social vulnerability and marginalization, and explore how COVID-19 has impacted already vulnerable and marginalized communities and geographies of Nepal. It will identify and analyze publicly available data related to vulnerability and marginalization in Nepal, conduct a spatially explicit multi-hazard vulnerability assessment of Nepal including impacts of COVID-19, compare community vulnerability, marginalization, and other risk factors using quantitative metrics and apply actuarial analysis to measure the severity of risks to identify communities facing high levels of composite risk. This project is funded by USAID/Nepal.

Investigators: Uttam Babu Shrestha (Lead), Dr. Suraj Bhattarai, Dr. Resham Thapa, Dr. Krishna Devkota, Dr. Janardhan Mainali (Consultant), Dr. Sanam Aksha (Consultant), Kopila Rijal (Consultant).