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Uttam Babu Shrestha participated in the LICCI workshop

Uttam Babu Shrestha, Director/Research fellow of GIIS, participated in a five-day training workshop of the Local Indicators of Climate Change Impacts (LICCI) project that took place at the Autonomous University of Barcelona, Spain (ICTA-UAB) from 17-21 June 2019. The workshop was attended by LICCI team members and 10 LICCI partners from different countries. The workshop helps to build a comprehensive understanding of the data collection protocols and to discuss how to adapt them to the local context of each partners’ field site. The workshop creates a strong tie between young scholars and senior scientists working around the work for the project.

LICCI is a project funded by the European Research Council that aims to bring insights from indigenous and local knowledge to climate research. This global project aims to inventory local indicators of climate change on physical and biological systems; to identify spatial patterns in the local indicators of climate change impacts reported and socioeconomic and demographic patterns in the perceived impacts; to develop a standardized protocol for the collection of data on local indicators of climate change and their perceived impacts; to train a cadre of researchers able to bring local insights to climate change research in an inclusive (e.g., using participatory methods) and open manner (e.g., making accessible protocols, data, and results); to create a reference data-repository with primary information on local indicators of climate change available for different uses (e.g., design of adaptation policies, input to climate models); and to create a wide network of researchers, practitioners, and civil society interested in exploring how local knowledge systems contribute to our understanding of climate change impacts.

The Global Institute for Interdisciplinary Studies is a partner of this project.